Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cherish This Moment

 Here is a fall layout I lifted from Stacy Cohen here. Again another paper technique I just had to try. It was way more difficult then I imagined, she made it look so effortless. It was a beautiful fall day and in a rare moment we got a quick picture of the grand kids with Nana and Papa. Do they all have smiles or are even looking at the camera for that matter? No, but we still managed to get a very beautiful picture and we captured a moment in time that will never be forgotten.
 I hide the journaling behind the picture and I think it works. It is very rare for me to do a scrapbook page without journaling on it. I feel that it is very important that someone can look at one of my pages and know the story without me being there to tell it. Do I love my handwriting and want to see it on a page all the time? No, but I would hope that someday when I'm gone someone would appreciate it. So anyways the moral of my little story there is...write on your pages people. Journal, tell your story so that the page tells the complete story!
I wanted to picture to be the focus so the title is done in a similar color so that it is faint like a dream hanging in the background. I added a few i-rock jems for a slight little bling in the background. I think it turned out lovely. I' m sure I won't be doing the paper rolling technique again but i do so very much enjoy this page. Thanks for checking it out and don't forget to journal people! ha ha!


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