Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cuttlebug Quilling Flowers Tutorial

I'm going to attempt my first tutorial on how to make these beautiful cuttlebug quilled flowers. These are simply stunning and very simple to make. These are the two flowers that I have the chrysanthemum and the daisy. I love that the kit that you purchase comes with a sample of what the flower looks like.
The kit comes with the 4 dies needed to make these flowers of which one of them is leaves for your flower. Each flower kit has a different type of leaf which I think is awesome as you can interchange them as you feel fit. The kit also come with a quilling pen. So all you will need is your cuttlebug, the flower kit of your choice, a quick drying liquid glue, the white spacer A, plate B, plate C, and 3 strips of paper of your choice 1" x 8 3/4". That's it, its that simple!
First your going to put plate A and C down and put your first die (it doesn't matter which one you do first as I like to cut all my papers and then assemble.) with the paper on top at an angle with plate B on top like pictured above. I like to make sure that the paper is pointed towards the B plate as it will mark up your plate and it is easier to replace the B plate then it is the C.
After you get done you will have cut these strips. I will only use one of the cream colored strips.
 I start by rolling from the inside out. The quilling pen has a slit down the middle and you will put the first strip through the slit and start rolling.
You will roll it tightly until you get to the end where you will just dot it with the liquid glue and glue the end down. Hold it for a moment until the glue is dry.
 Then you will glue the next piece on top, hold for a moment and continue to roll tightly until you reach the end and you will glue like above.
You will continue these steps with each layer.
You will then gently pull the quilling pen out from under the flower.
 The flower will look like this. You will then start from the outside and push the petals gently down.
Your flower will look like this. Beautiful and so simple. The fun part is you can change it up. You want more of the paper in the center roll more or you don't like the center and you want more layers of the pink, you just cut and roll more. You can have so many different looking flowers just from one kit. I hope this little tutorial helped a little. I think I'm going to try to cut a bunch of papers so the next time I'm sitting down to watch tv I can just roll and glue together some beautiful flowers. I'm so excited about these flowers and have already used them on several layouts, a bunch of cards, and a tag. I hope you enjoyed the little tutorial. Thanks!



  1. WOW, thanks so much for doing this, much appreciated...♥

  2. Leah, do you think this would work with fabric?
    If I put some kind of stablizer on the back to make it stiffer to go through the cutting tool?
    Love you!! looks great! Mom


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