Monday, March 15, 2010

Crepe Paper Roses

Hey everyone I just wanted to share a project that I made this weekend. I had found some tutorials on a couple of ladies blogs that I follow and just had to make these crepe paper roses. It was so fun and so rewarding and pretty cheap. I made roses to put on a ball but I think that I will also be making these roses to put on cards and scrapbook pages as well. They are so fun and so so cute!

I just used crepe paper that I picked up at Target, I think it was about $1.50 a roll and for the 8" ball that I used I used 1 1/2 rolls. The Styrofoam ball was the most expensive at 15.99 but i used a 40 percent coupon at Michael's to purchase it, so whatever that comes out to be, like $8.50. I love the finished product and can't wait to finish a couple more. I'm hoping to hang them in my scrapbook room when I get it all cleaned up and put together. (who knows when that will happen though?) I will link up the ladies that I got the ideas from. First it was Danielle over at homespun with heart ( Danielle also has a wonderful video showing you how to make these beautiful roses. She uses tissue paper but it is the same idea. Then there is the House of Smith's blog that I have just found. She has some wonderful home decorating ideas along with a vinyl business that she does. You need to check her out also, this is where I got the idea for the crepe paper rolls from Target. (
I hope you all enjoy! Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. WOW - what fabulous flowers!!!

  2. Looks SO great!!!
    Nice job!
    I'm glad you tried this out! Isn't it so rewarding when you have the finished product!?
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, about the shower curtain!
    I haven't quite decided what to do, yet... but I think I'll get going on it next week, for sure!


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