Saturday, May 15, 2010


Okay so I haven't been on here in forever. I know I know I'm a total slacker. I really want to figure out this whole blog thing and post ideas and projects that I'm working on but for some reason it just never happens. It is so half way through the month of May already but I'm going to commit to posting 4 more times this month with pictures! What do you think? Probably isn't going to work just like the diet and the budget....but it sounds good right. I have to at least try. Cross your fingers!

So I was so excited to log onto my blog tonight and to see 2 comments. ( Yeah I really haven't been on my blog since March. How sad is that?) Wow my first comments ever. I'm way excited....I'm super duper excited. But the coolest part of all is that it is Shelly....yes Shelly from House of Smiths and Julie from Starting Now....Seriously wow! I mean they are practically famous...well they are famous at my house anyways. They are 2 very talented ladies that I happen to pop in on at least once a day, if not more. Yes I'm a blog stalker! Shelly has the most amazing home improvement blog and vinyl lettering business and Julie is a scrapbooker who makes amazing them both! Thanks ladies for the wonderful comments. Makes me feel like maybe I can actually be someone in this blog world. Maybe someone really will see me....maybe! Thanks for the kind words and hopefully I can create something again to make you pop in and say hello!

Wow Wow Wow is all I can say right now. I kind of want to wake up the hubby and tell him about it but it is so 12:56 am and he'll be like Shelly who? Julie who? Then I will remind him of the funny story about the lady that left a bad comment on Shelly's blog and how she posted it all for everyone to see....and Julie the one I just made that awesome scrapbook page with the kids at Easter using her sketch? Then he will remind me that I'm crazy and to go to bed.

Good Night all, thanks again ladies!

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  1. LOL... you're so funny!
    And you need to blog more girl! :)
    PS> I'm DYING over here that you said I was practically famous.
    Can I keep this post on my wall in my office to make me feel good when I haven't showered in 2 days, we have ZERO money to pay the pest control people, and my kids are screaming at me???
    Yup, this totally made my day :)

    PS. I was gonna tell you that you aren't the only one who feels like you can't find great stuff when you shop. I feel like that all the time... you just have to shop often, and keep your eyes out!
    Good luck!


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